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Finding The Right Slogan Shirt

By Atherlily.

For some reason, I have constantly been choosing the windiest days to take photos. I do not do it purposely though. It was freezing out there because the temperature suddenly dropped. I find it challenging to get good photos in the wind because my hair and clothes blow in all directions. I end up looking like a mess, haha. Earlier that day it was hot and not so windy. My family and I went to a flea market event but I did not want to take photos there because there were too many people. It’s always fun to attend flea market because you can always find unique treasures that others no longer want to keep.

But besides talking about my day, I want to share with you this look for the summer! Light, breezy outfits are always in my book when the weather is warm. In addition, it does not make you feel like your suffocating from wearing tight apparel. I usually do not wear shirts with words on them but I was happy to wear this shirt from M2 Shirts because it it simple and sends a positive message. The fabric is very soft too! I paired it with a skirt that I have had hiding in my closet. Do you guys have clothes that having been sitting in your closet but when you finally decide to wear it, you realize you like it again and decide to start wearing it more often?


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