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Finding The Right Slogan Shirt

By Atherlily.

For some reason, I have constantly been choosing the windiest days to take photos. I do not do it purposely though. It was freezing out there because the temperature suddenly dropped. I find it challenging to get good photos in the wind because my hair and clothes blow in all directions. I end up looking like a mess, haha. Earlier that day it was hot and not so windy. My family and I went to a flea market event but I did not want to take photos there because there were too many people. It’s always fun to attend flea market because you can always find unique treasures that others no longer want to keep.

But besides talking about my day, I want to share with you this look for the summer! Light, breezy outfits are always in my book when the weather is warm. In addition, it does not make you feel like your suffocating from wearing tight apparel. I usually do not wear shirts with words on them but I was happy to wear this shirt from M2 Shirts because it it simple and sends a positive message. The fabric is very soft too! I paired it with a skirt that I have had hiding in my closet. Do you guys have clothes that having been sitting in your closet but when you finally decide to wear it, you realize you like it again and decide to start wearing it more often?


Check out the ‘Believe’ Tank HERE. Use coupon SUMMERDAYS to get a 20% discount on the shirt!

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Irish American Month

IrishWe celebrate St. Patrick’s day on March 17th but did you know that it’s also Irish American month? Here is a little history lesson.  The Irish immigrants started their journey to North America in the 1600s to mid-19th century. They contributed to the influence of American folk music and country and western music. As for their environments, they favored large cities because they were able to create their own communities for support and protection. The Irish heritage includes many of the presidents of the United States. The following are just a few who have had the privilege in leading our great country…Andrew Jackson (7th president), James Knox Polk (11th president), George H. W. Bush (41st president), and Barack Obama (current president). With that being said go put on something green and turn up the folk music! Let’s celebrate with the Irish!

Let me take a #SELFIE


Greetings everyone! Well, this has been another exciting week here at M2. We’re continually coming up with new ideas and designs and we’re exited to show them to you in the coming weeks! This is a particularly special week for us because we are featuring our friend and fashion blogger, Eleni McMullin. Looking fabulous in M2’s #Selfie tee, Eleni is a true Canadian fashionista and operates an incredible, multidimensional fashion blog, Convey the Moment (, discussing everything from style and beauty to fitness and interior decorating. Check out her blog for style insight and much more! Also, below are links to her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.

Thanks for the love and support, Eleni!

From all of us here at M2, have a terrific week!

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M2 Highlights . . .


Past Designs

Past Designs

Hey everyone! This week, we want to feature some of our past designs so you can see just how versatile and creative we are at M2. We’ve done all kinds of designs—shirts with musical themes, shirts for sports teams, shirts for rock bands, and just about everything in between! We believe that fashion is all about self-expression and customization. So, if you need shirts for your child’s baseball team, your company’s car wash, or your school’s next bake sale, M2can meet your design needs.

Be sure to check out all of our available designs up on our website (even more will be available very soon!).


From all of us here at M2, have a great week!

No Limits

Ezra Grootveld wearing YOLO Paris T-Shirt


Here at M2, we believe innovation is crucial to fashion; the greatest styles have no limitations. This week, we want to talk about just how innovative you can be with style—especially t-shirts. If you’ve grown up on sports teams or summer camps, you might think t-shirts can only be worn as casual, oversized apparel paired with athletic shorts and tennis shoes. Well, think again! T-shirts are one of the most flexible elements of style; you can dress them up, dress them down, make them edgy, or make them flirty. T-shirts should be staples in your closet’s diet because you’ll never run out of ways to wear them. Featured today is our friend Ezra Grootveld. She’s a true fashionista and shows how glamorous the M2 YOLO Paris shirt can look with the right ensemble. By pairing the t-shirt with a leather jacket, leather leggings, and red boots, Ezra transformed the t-shirt from casual to party-chic! With that said, we invite you to order your favorite M2 t-shirt and transform it into your unique style; whether you play it up, tone it down, or pair it with your favorite cowboy boots, we want you to have fun expressing yourself! Or, as Anna Wintour of Vogue says, “Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

Thanks for the inspiration, Ezra! (@ezrafranca -instagram-)

From all of us at M2, have a great week!